Instantly Repair and Protect Hair

During and After Chemical Treatments

ArmorPlex is a complex of organic compounds specifically formulated to help protect and repair hair during bleaching, coloring and other types of chemical hair treatments without requiring additional steps or changing the way you perform the treatment.

This is one of the most revolutionary products since the introduction of permanent hair coloring and bleaching. ArmorPlex allows for a seamless and safe way for performing hair color treatments while protecting hair from harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.

Product Highlights and Benefits:

ArmorPlex Part 1 is utilized during chemical processing in order to protect and increase keratin bonds and at the same time restructure and strengthen damaged disulfide bonds weakened by previous chemical treatments. ArmorPlex Part 1 has exceptional abilities in reducing brittleness and breakages especially in porous, chemically over processed hair, allowing near complete restoration of the hair’s natural well-being without interfering with the final results of the chemical treatment being performed.

ArmorPlex Part 2 is applied right after a chemical treatment is performed and is formulated to work in conjunction with ArmorPlex Part 1 in order to maintain and protect the structure of the hair. It helps to restore the health of the hair’s natural keratin fibers and to promote smoother, softer and stronger hair. ArmorPlex Part 1 is also recommended for weekly maintenance to further rejuvenate and protect hair in between chemical treatments.

Armor Plex 1 + 2

ArmorPlex Hair Repair & Restructuring Treatment


  • It multiplies the keratin bonds and improves and reinforces the sulphur bridges damaged during previous treatments
  • It improves the hair’s quality and structure visibly and instantaneously
  • It guarantees safety for every type of technical procedure
  • It simultaneously protects against and prevents damage by aggressive chemical treatments
  • Absolute stylistic and colouring freedom

Before & After using ArmorPlex during Chemical Treatments