Different Types of Hair Care Oils.

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1. Beauty in hair color is subjective. That means it happens in the mind. We all have a different definition of beauty. So when choosing your hair color, decide whose opinion is important because every opinion is different. Ultimately, you must like what you see BUT you should also find a colorist whose opinion mirrors yours. 2. Your colorist can’t read your mind. When doing a consultation about your color, be specific about your expectations. Have an open discussion about the realities. If you don’t know what you want then be sure to state what you don’t want. 3. All media photos are airbrushed, touched up, and enhanced for perfection. When you bring in a photo, realize you can’t look exactly like the photo. Hair color chemicals cannot duplicate what you see in the photo. Photographers spend enormous hours creating the right lighting and editors spend enormous hours creating perfection. 4. Your colorist is limited as to what he/she can do depending on your hair type and the processes you’ve already put your hair through. Things like previous color, quality of water you wash in daily, medications, diet, hormones, and condition of hair will make a difference in the outcome of your hair...