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Extreme LED Straightening & De-tangling Hair Brush

The Extreme LED Straightening brush offers many advantages over traditional methods with Temperature selection being the most obvious. Now you can select different temperatures depending on your hair. It is recommended using the lower setting if you have soft hair about 170-190 degrees. For normal (average) hair experts recommend that you stay between 190-210 degrees while for thicker hair you should use 210-230 degrees.



Advantages of using A Hair Brush Straightener

No more “Chase Method”! Another thing our customers like about the straightening brush that they don’t have to run a comb through their hair with a flat iron. This is usually annoying and takes some time to master which means damage can occur along the way. With this straightening brush you never have to do this again. Also, brush straighteners allow you to cover the entire head more rapidly than a flat iron which should save you time in addition to frustration. For anyone frequently “on-the-go” or who just wants to save time this is always a great choice.

Instant Heat Up And Recovery: 60 seconds heat up to 365°F, 8 seconds for silky straight hair.

Safety: Anti Scald, Anti Static, Auto Shut-off Protection. High precision ceramic panel helps massage and relax your head.

360 degree rotatable wire: Avoids the wire twining. Brushing action reduces risk of dry damaged hair unlike traditional hair straighteners.

  • Dual voltage
  • PTC heater
  • Power: 29W
  • PET/PPS/PAEE heat resistant material
  • Easy to operate and make the hair straightening in short time
  • Reduces the water loss compared to the traditional flat iron
  • One hour auto-shut off
  • Adjustable temperature with LCD  digital displayer
  • On/off swtich. When you press “+,—” buttons at the same time you can choose from Fahrenheit degree or Centigrade degree setting (UL standard)
  • Max Temp:450’F
  • 1 Year Warranty


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